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June 29 2017

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Jung Ho Yeon by Shin Seon Hye for Singles Korea Mar 2017




So apparently last year the National Park Service in the US dropped an over 1200 page study of LGBTQ American History as part of their Who We Are program which includes studies on African-American history, Latino history, and Indigenous history. 

Like. This is awesome. But also it feels very surreal that maybe one of the most comprehensive examinations of LGBTQ history in America (it covers sports! art! race! historical sites! health! cities!) was just casually done by the parks service

This is really great??

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Porcelain Televisions 

 Created by Ma Jun

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Fans: (make memes about Mario being even slightly diabolical or sinister)

Nintendo: NO! He is a good boy!

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New PETA ad looks like two guys had a threesome with a chicken and she completely blew their minds.

“we must never speak of this”

I legitimately have no idea what this ad was otherwise trying to convey

like seriously
I know that they’re utterly stupid in every way
but what even the hell

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It’s beach weather. ☀️






A while ago, for fun, I started doing some reading on some of the stranger naming choices made by the Puritans between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries. (Yes, for fun. I am a dork.) Here are a few of my favourites:

A Sussex jury roll from the 1600s includes the names Accepted Trevor, Redeemed Compton, Kill-Sin Pimple, Fly-Fornication Richardson, Search-The-Scriptures Moreton, The-Peace-Of-God Knight, Stand-Fast-On-High Stringer, The-Gift-of-God Stringer, and Fight-The-Good-Fight-Of-Faith White, Obediencia Cruttenden, Called Lower, Hope-For Bending, More-Fruit Flower and Meek Brewer. Some other wonderful Sussex names around this time include Safely-on-High Snat, Mortifie Hicks and the marvellously-named Humiliation Scratcher. And let’s not forget Be-Stedfast Elyarde, Faint-not Dighurst, Hew-Agag-in-pieces Robinson, Swear-not-at-all Ireton and Obadiah-bind-their-kings-in-chains-and-their-nobles-in-irons Needham.

Here’s another good naming method: There was a tradition among some Puritan villagers of opening the Bible and selecting the first name their eyes landed upon, which led to some interesting christenings. One poor child was landed with the name Ramoth-Gilead as a result of this method, reportedly leading a rather bemused parson to ask, “Boy or girl, eh?” There’s some evidence that certain parents, whose reading was perhaps not the best, would simply open the Bible and choose a word at random - hence the existence in Connecticut of Maybe Barnes and a girl by the rather unfortunate name of Notwithstanding Griswold. One child in England was christened Sirs, the parents insisting that it was a Scripture name and citing as proof the passage “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” Another Puritan named his dog Moreover after the Gospel passage “Moreover the dog came and licked his sores.”

Yet another story tells of a priest who was befuddled when a woman informed him that her child was to be name “Axe-her”. “What name?” he spluttered. “Axe-her,” repeated another woman. After much discussion he discovered that the women were referred to Achsah, the daughter of Caleb. This may also explain the existence of an Axar Starrs in Stockport - the daughter, appropriately, of one Caleb Starrs. The name Axar remained popular in Devonshire for some time.

A little boy called John wound up with an unfortunate bonus name due to his godparent’s strong accent and a misunderstanding at the baptismal font. “What name?” the priest asked, to which the godparent replied, “John honly.” The priest dutifully went on to declare, “John Honly, I baptise thee…”

Thomas and Elizabeth Pegden, residents of Kent during the late 18th and early 19th centuries, named their first four sons after the four evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. When Elizabeth gave birth to a fifth son in 1795, they decided to continue this theme by naming him after the next book of the New Testament, and thus he was christened Acts-of-the-Apostles Pegden. According to one source, his nickname was Actsy, “for the Vicar of Boughton has heard a parishioner speak of her uncle Actsy Pegden.” An older relative bore the name Pontius Pilate Pegden.

In the late 1800s, a Thurstonville man named his four sons Love-well, Do-well,Die-well and Fare-well Sykes. Around the same time, another boy, being the younger sibling of sisters Faith and Hope, was given the name And Charity.

Another fellow, rather bemusingly, named his son Judas-not-Iscariot.

Zachary Crofton, died 1672, clearly scoured the Scriptures in order to find names for his children. His five sons were called Zachary, Zareton, Zephaniah,Zelophehad and - presumably after all alliterative possibilities had been exhausted - John.

The Presbyterian clergy were fond of foisting on illegitimate children names reflective of the sins of their parents - names like Helpless, Repent, Repentance,Forsaken, Fly-fornication.

Among many other excellent Puritan names, there was also:

  • Abstinence
  • Abuse-not
  • Continent
  • Creature (a unisex name, apparently!)
  • Do-good
  • Experience
  • Fear-not
  • God-helpe
  • Hate-evil
  • Increased
  • Job-rakt-out-of-the-asshes
  • Joye-in-sorrow
  • Lament
  • Learn-wysdome
  • Magnify
  • More-fruit
  • More-triale
  • Muche-merceye
  • No-merit
  • Obey
  • Original
  • Preserved
  • Refrayne
  • Renewed
  • Safe-on-Highe
  • Silence
  • Sin-deny
  • Sorry-for-sin
  • Thanks
  • The-Lord-is-near
  • Unfeigned
  • What-God-will

All of these are trumped, however, by a Puritan girl who, when asked for her Christian name, replied, “Through-Much-Tribulation-We-Enter-The-Kingdom-Of-Heaven, but for short they call me Tribby.”

Awesome Puritan names

“no-merit” oh my god why

This is great and I’d just like to add that a member of Oliver Cromwell’s government was named Nicholas If-Jesus-Christ-Had-Not-Died-For-Thee-Thou-Hadst-Been-Damnéd Barbon.

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Look guys, I don’t want to name names or cause any unnecessary drama, but you know when you see some fanart and you can tell the artist really loves the characters and some deep part of them connects emotionally with their story and it shows in their treatment of the material? I love that. 

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Trump voters, the bullshit “liberal bubble,” and accountability.

I’m just gonna put this here, for my cousins, and for my other family.

We don’t hate Trump supporters because we don’t know what they’re really like; we hate Trump supporters because we know exactly what they’re really like.

as someone with no trump supporters in my family, ​I agree with all of this but the last tweet

Although barely out of adolescence…[Shelley] was, in 1813, an ardent radical and anti-monarchist. Physically, he was rather odd, tall and slim to the point of limpness, with a high-pitched effete voice; but what he lacked in physical bulk he more than made up for in charismatic intensity. Among the earliest witnesses to this intensity were his school fellows at Eton, where he was sent by his landowning father when he was twelve. Initially he was bullied for his refusal to ‘fag’ for older boys, but the bullies soon discovered that in spite of his feeble frame, Shelley was not a boy to succumb quietly to taunts. On the contrary, he could be terrifying when roused, and was quite capable of reciprocal acts of violence. He stabbed one tormentor’s hand with a fork, and others remembered him as an almost unearthly creature, with flashing eyes, wild hair, and deathly white cheeks.

young romantics - daisy hay (via revolutionariess)

#i saw ‘shelley stabbed someone with a fork’ and knew i had to share with the world

that’s it. that’s Romanticist scholarship.

(via marygodwinning)




i’m turning on anon for the next hour… here we go

This Was A Mistake








I sincerely cant remember the last time that staff rolled out a feature that improved this website in any way

When they moved the reblog button to the bottom of posts

Where was it before?

at the top
we had to scroll all the way back up in order to reblog


What the fuck

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See even with Blue Lives Matter it doesn’t seem to cover Black Lives! #blm

June 28 2017

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reblog per il sociale



@copperbadge This seems like the kind of thing you’d appreciate. I especially like the fork trick for the painting.

Oh yes! I’ve done the hammer trick and the fork trick, though the fork trick really only works if you’re hanging a wire backing, not a hook backing, which is what most of my cheap-ass frames are :D I love the paperclip screwdriver one! 


June 27 2017

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That time Manson got a piggyback ride from Jon Stewart




my grandfather is a residential school survivor. he literally has a BRAND of a number on his shoulder. he was a 6 year old child who was branded like a cow. he was given a new last name (he doesn’t even know his real last name) and was essentially brain washed into being white. the man, a full oglala lakota, doesn’t even call himself native anymore because he was beaten into being ashamed of it.  

do yall wanna tell me why it’s okay for you to dress up and play “indian” whenever less than 70 years ago, we were literally beaten and killed for being indian?

Be aware of this

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