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my name’s dan! i make comics zines and other junk. aside from a week of work that wound up being not-so-secure, ive been unemployed since September. you may have seen a near-identical post last week, and I’m happy to say that I’ve since secured a temp gig! this is super cool and im excited about it, but it’s going to last two months at the longest and am a bit worse for the wear from living so leanly for so long. i gotta take my cat to the vet, build some kind of savings back up, get new glasses, and permanently fix a lot of stuff ive just been duct taping together as i hunted for work.

anyway. would anyone like a zine? i have, like, so many zines, i print and ship em myself, and theyre between 1-5$.

in order of appearance……….

  • Fond is a massive collaborative cookbook charity zine i organized last year, which raised over 200$ for Feedng America. All profits go there.
  • Soup Would Never Do This To Me is about a food blogger dropping his son off at a workshop. It includes a recipe!
  • Ten is brand spankin new and is a look at how the “no one dies” revival trope would feel to characters who died on purpose, featuring Chara and Asriel from Undertale.
  • Caiman is a bunch of personal comics about goodbyes, in a positive light, and also everyone is a lizard.
  • both/neither is about Laika, the first dog in space, but it’s mostly about dissonance, growing up, and identity.
  • Donut Hole is a tiny single page zinelet about deep trance and hypnosis

all this, as well as other goodies like prints and a brand new digital sketchbook, are available on my gumroad! however, if you’re looking for other ways to support me, i have a patreon with early updates to my webcomic and fun goodies, as well as a ko-fi

thank you so much for reading, boosts would be great, etc etc youre the best goodnight

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